Welcome to THE BACKEND!! yeah... there's not much. But at least it's cozy here.

These are my Projects

They're basically the pain I put myself through to strive for greatness.

Neocities View Counters

This is a PHP script that uses the cURL library and the Imagick extension to create an image displaying the number of views for a website on the Neocities platform. The script starts by initializing some variables, then it iterates over the $_GET array to check for the values of the "site", "bg" and "fg" parameters. The script then encodes the site name and uses cURL to send a GET request to the Neocities API, passing the encoded site name as a query parameter. The API returns a JSON object containing information about the website, including the number of views. The script uses the json_decode() function to convert the JSON string into a PHP array. Then, it uses the Imagick extension to create a new image, sets the background color and text color, draws the number of views on the image, and outputs the image as a JPEG via echo function. --- Evaluation done by ChatGPT.

Try it yourself:

Run your own view counter: Here

My Radios

My Music Radio

Whatever is playing is what I'm listening to so take of that what you will.

My Hand Radio

Here lies the radio of Naomi the sexy hoe.

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